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  1. Nancy

    Thank you for this article. I do not know the date it was written, couldn’t find a date. Unfortunately, the article made me cry because I have no friends and no support system to rely on. I do not know any other way to say it, that I have no friends. I know it sounds pathetic to say such a thing, but it is true. Who doesn’t have friends? In a world of billions of people, I have but one person – my husband – that I can pour my heart out to, but in the last several years (we’ve been together 20 years now – 12 of them with me ill) I feel strongly that I have become a burden to him. My list of illnesses that came along with fibro and arthritis and depression is crazy long, I’m not kidding you. But back to the friend issue….I’ve never been one with a lot of close-close best friends that I could tell anything to. I’ve been a loner much of my life. At this point in my life – 47 years old – I long to make friends, but how? How does someone who is house-bound, chronically ill, has unpredictable symptoms that flare up because the wind is blowing “wrong” or whatever, and is pretty much sad all the time, make friends? I have tried to reach out to fellow disability people who do not work, thinking they have the time of day to visit with me on the phone or meet up some place (albeit with a pre-warning that I may have to cancel because I never know when I will become ill with x, y, or z illness). But it has yet to work out where I make that connection with someone. I’ve even tried making friends with fellow fibro people and as hard as I try, I just do not get it, it never works out. Why is it hard for two people with the same disorder or syndrome, whatever fibro is classified as, to become friends? I never get a call-back or text-back, ya know? At this point, I am like ‘what is wrong with me that people do not like me, do not care to be my friend, etc., etc.’. What is the deal??? So, my life consists of being in my house day-in and day-out watching endless tv as I have also developed panic attack with agoraphobia! I swear I am cursed! Why? I have no clue what I did to the Gods up above to curse me with this agoraphobia, but it is hell!! I feel like I live in hell!! Thank God I have a patient and loving husband that does support me, but for how long is he going to put up with this? I’m so embarrassed to have this many things wrong with me. It is so hard to explain to people all that I have going on, so no one knows what I really go through – except my husband.

    Well, anyway, maybe a follow up blog/article to this one could be ‘how does one with chronic illness make lasting friendships’?? Thank you for your website. You write very well about something a lot of us are dealing with. Thank you!


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