3 responses to “To Tell or Not To Tell”

  1. donna

    By choice and I guess, circumstances,I have very few people that I am close to. I have learned the hard way to not say much about my health. I have one dear friend who is my rock. But I am cautious and wary. What a shame that we can’t be open. Not many people have the heart to see,to listen and really EMPATHIZE!

  2. John

    In his classical work E Goffman Stigma suggested that we cannot recoup the disclosure of our condition, once we have told someone that knowledge itself can determine how we are perceived.

    I have learned through experience who to tell, others have used this knowledge to initiate some control or discriminate my perceived capabilities. Selective disclosure may well not provide any support in the very notion of telling anyone. We need to be cautious of that gift of who or perhaps why we tell others our most challenging quality of life issues, that support encouragement and understanding are an ongoing facet to sustain our needs and hope for the future.


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