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  1. Audrey

    I am a survivor of CFS…Espstein Barr! It can be done. There is hope…for those of you suffering with this most debilitating disease. I contracted it upon the birth of my daughter whilst living in New Zealand. Nothing worse with trying to care for a new born with colic for a year. Not one doctor could determine what I had. Finally went back to the U. S. In 1990 and a friend diagnosed me as she too had the same symptoms! What luck right? No one hardly knew about it back then. She told me to read a book…CFS and it gave diet and exercise advice. I followed it to the letter with vitamin regiment it suggested also. I have been symptom free since…but I know not to allow myself to overdo it as I never want to go through that again! I hope this helps and now concerned if my daughter may have contracted it…only recently reading that one way to contract it is giving birth to a child. Can anyone answer this for me? She may have it and not know it.

  2. Bd

    Loved this, esp since one of my grown stepdaughters, a nutritionist, “explained” to me that I need to go back to being the strong person I was before I got sick, and That I need to “fight harder” and have a more positive attitude. Also it would help if I were “more appreciative of beauty”! And of course, she knows someone who cured her CFS by making one or two diet changes! Thank you for expressing what must truly be said.

  3. Tami

    This was good to read. Mine is to stop saying I’m sorry all the time for so many things I can’t do to people. Also I hope to not let these things make me feel guilty when I have to stay home or and rest.

  4. Tracy

    Awesome. Just wonderful. Thank you for caring enough to share with us.

  5. donna

    This is the best thing that I have read for a while.
    Inspiration from a fellow sufferer. Sometimes we can expect too much of ourselves. We are no longer the people that we were.
    Kind regards,

  6. New Thoughts for the New Year « The Self-Compassion Project

    […] The Art of Letting Go, by Lisa Lorden Myers, an author and fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue sufferer who works passionately to help others cope with chronic illness. It’s funny how determination and will power can be so difficult to apply to the goal of doing less, instead of doing more.  We may know how to commit ourselves to goals and work to achieve them, but can we have similar determination to rest and to heal?  Can our will power be devoted to “letting go”?  Perhaps the New Year is a time to re-focus ourselves less on doing, and more onbeing. […]

  7. Barb Markway

    I love the Rainer Maria Rilke quote. When I used to have energy to scrapbook, I would write that quote (in perfect calligraphy) at the front of each book. You make so many good points: “It’s funny how determination and will power can be so difficult to apply to the goal of doing less, instead of doing more.” I never thought of it that way, but it’s so true. I just shared this on my Self-Compassion Project FB page and am going to go tweet it, too!


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