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  1. Kat

    I love the message! Thank you Lisa.

    Two insights shared by others come to mind….”Measure not the milestones, but the moments.” 🙂 And……”It’s not the destination, it’s the journey.” 🙂

    The first quotation is displayed on a necklace I came across shortly after joining the ranks of CFIDS. The 2nd was shared by a friend who’s father was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. Although I sincerely appreciated the insights at the time, for six years I’ve been given the “Blessing” of living them 🙂 I Praise The Lord for each of you!

    PS: I’ve got to find 2 little tortoise figurines given to me by students ages ago. I do hope I can find them!

  2. Patrick

    Dear Lisa,

    I, too, have CFS ( since I was a child ) , depression, and I also have chronic headaches. I’ve found an herb called “kratom”, which I take and really helps in a big way. If you are interested in trying it, it’s a legal herb, and has no side effects, and is not hepatoxic. I have heard of people using it for Fibro and migraines with effectiveness. Google it, but know there are shady companies pedaling worthless brands which is to be avoided ( and they are ruining it for us, it has become illegal in some states ), so email me, if you are interested, I have a reliable vendor I use that is low cost. Take care, Patrick.

  3. Clara

    Lisa,Adore all your fabulous posts, yet, this one is especially good :-)! Thank You for being You as well as it is refreshing to find a like minded chronic pain survivor in You, too!

    You may like to check out this Fibromyalgia Support Group- started this up with my fellow musketeers/co GL’s-
    It is a safe haven for all fibro challenged individuals, plenty of enabling/encouraging posts as well as a place of dynamic support amongst equals.

    Seeing places like here makes me smile like a dolphin , as an optimist inspite of living with moderate severe to severe health challenges including Fibromyalgia- all of us living with chronic pain need Hope plus to learn to be better friends to ourselves so we can not just survive yet also thrive, truly!

    Anuradah- love your poignantly beautiful words, too!

    Love, Clara (my username as Group Leader is Clarita on mdjunction’s “Fibromyalgia & Me SG”) British batgirl holding on tightly with an orca smile 🙂

  4. Barb Markway

    This reminds me of my Tiny Dreams post! Enjoying reading some of your blog tonight.

  5. Gabi Lewis

    Very well written blog, I totally agree, it isn’t about life changing affirmation events, it’s the small things like making a cup of tea or managing to sit in the garden and hear the birds sing. Taking small steps helps us manage our lives, despite the psychs encouraging us to take big steps and overdo things, learning to manage taking small steps puts you in charge of this disease and not the other way round. xx

  6. katie

    Such a great article! Just what I needed today, thank you.

  7. Anuradha

    Hey you are so right about taking one step at a time. And yes, it’s true that during our struggle we end up learning or starting something new. I always say there’s something good about something bad. Like while struggling with Fibromyalgia, I have started an awareness blog. Would I have done it if I didn’t have FM? I doubt!
    See ya around! Take care!
    PS I adore the turtle too!

  8. Pris Campbell

    I love this article. So true. We can’t ‘wait until everything is right’ to start living. Thank you.

    And I adore the turtle 🙂


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