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  1. Is There a Sign On My Back? | Infinite Sadness… or hope?

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  2. maggie blankley

    Does anyone have info/experiencc with muscles becoming WEAKER after one has achieved a seemingly-desirable release of tension, such as through Rolfing or other therapies that a generally-tense person would approach assuming that one would be better off if one could become a more relaxed person? It’s as though a lifetime of being an anxious person had created an “exo-skeleton” of tension, and when I had managed to chip away at tension over the years, and finally got to a more relaxed place, it was as though my muscles didn’t know how to have the right amount of muscle tone, they didn’t know how to support me without that tension, and I have now been weaker for the last 8 months. Anyone’s experience would be appreciated. Thank you. Maggie


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