2 responses to “Antidepressants: A Hard Habit to Break?”

  1. Surka

    I just found this site and see the article was written a while ago. Well, it sure is today’s news for me. I just spent three months slowly and very carefully getting off Effexor. Carefully, because most of the side effects listed above took over my life. I can’t say that my FM was the cause as my step daughter was having a similarly difficult time and she doesn’t have FM or CFS. I had told my doctor before I started on that journey, but her reaction was an amazing facial expression (shock, dismay, disbelief???). She commented about her awareness that it was going to be very difficult — if I could even accomplish it. (No offer to help.)
    Your article giving it the obvious name – addiction – hadn’t occurred to me before. I do think people should be warned that though a med might be helpful in the moment, what the difficulties getting off would be. Having fibro for so long, I know I’m sensitive to meds, but never before have I had such an extreme reaction to stopping one. Very relevant article. Glad I found it.


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