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  1. Nancy

    This page has been a God send for me. I was ready to stop trying to keep breathing everyday. So many many yrs of Fibro and CFS. And what you wrote and that perfect poem changed my mind about giving up on living. It gave me another way to look at things. To find a new meaning in life. Thank you so much. I’m so happy I found you and your ability to share and help.

  2. Toby Gluck

    Dear Lisa,
    I have had Chronic Fatigue syndrome for 12 years. The note you wrote after attending the Catalyst Cafe in LA…touched my heart..and my soul. I felt as if I had written the letter. You said so many things that were so similar to my feelings.”….spent so much time trying to hide, tolerate, minimize, live with and adapt to CFS…”
    I have not met anyone else with the illness, nor do I have a MD that worked with me. My husband, who is a MD, has been my incredible support system. I just have dealt with the illness by myself- whenever I got the symptoms.
    The illness has changed my life. I was an extremely active person….an interior designer…wife,..mother, daughter, friend grandmother. I am still all of those….but have times when all I can do is sleep!!! It is so strange to me, to have an illness that I don’t even understand…much less anyone else.
    I could talk for hours…….so thank you for this blog..and for opening up about your feelings.
    I am going to a Catalyst Cafe in NYC this Saturday with my husband. I am from Connecticut so, if any readers are in the area…..send me an email!!!!
    tobygluck@hotmail.com Thank you again…….Mrs. Toby Gluck

  3. Elaine

    I’m so happy to have found you. I have CFS and Fibro. I was struck by so many things you wrote, both here and on the CFIDS page. I think you have touched a place in my heart where I had been afraid to go.


  4. Tiffany

    Your site looks beautiful, with a wonderful open-heart first post. I hope you find continuing joy as you step forward with this. So very inspiring, and so happy for you as well.

  5. Virginia

    I am searching for resources today as my cherished younger sister enters the final stages of her terminal illness after five years of survival. It is hard to imagine “beginning again.” That feels like it means going back to a time when she wasn’t curled up next to me in our little girl’s bed — which would pretty much be a lifetime ago. Living with chronic is so different from living with imminent death. I am working with A Course in Miracles which is helping alot. Thank you for sharing your story. It helps, too.

  6. Kristin Noelle

    What a beautiful site, Lisa. And such a trust-nourishing post to launch it with. My own path has felt so hard to understand or paint in nice, linear lines, and it’s comforting to hear that your story has be circuitous, too.

    So hopeful and happy to know you’re doing this, shining your light so brightly.


  7. Christa

    Lisa, this is just gorgeous… such a wonderful beginning. I think it was Lewis Carroll who said that we just “Begin at the beginning”. And lucky us – we get to begin again…

    Love to you, and thanks…

  8. Louise

    Your strong spirit is a guiding light for all of us. It’s wonderful to read your beautifully written articles which speak to everyone beset by adversity.

  9. Katie

    I am so very proud of you. You are an inspiration!

  10. Diana

    I am not a CFS sufferer myself, and yet I can so relate to the frustration you have expressed so vividly. Having to begin yet again, with new and bigger challenges than the ones you already worked so hard to overcome- I haven’t yet been able to do that. But there is a new beginning “quietly forming” in my heart. Thank you so much for sharing yours.

  11. Rachel

    Lisa, I love your website & blog! It looks great and I’ve learned so much just clicking through a few articles. Congratulation on a job well done. You’ll serve many people living with these conditions, as well as educating the rest of us. Brava!

  12. Ellen

    I loved your post. Thank you for sharing your heart w/all of us…..


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